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About Us
About Us
About Us

Herbalyn is developing new line of patented products with pharmaceutical grade science, safety and clinical evaluations. The company was pioneered by world class core scientists with a long history of biotechnology and new drug discovery experience. All Herbalyn products are uniquely created and developed in San Francisco bay area with strong research collaborations. The company has discovered a unique combination of relevant key nutrients with herbal extracts with proven efficacy in state-of-the art pre-clinical laboratories in bay area.  Every single product developed by Herbalyn has global intellectual property rights.

The team of Herbalyn brings 30+ years of latest research and development with biotechnology, new drug discovery and US-FDA based regulatory filing experience. Herbalyn has scientifically tested all its products in latest gene-knock out animal models, various cellular assays and multiple ex-vivo systems.

The company utilizes pharmaceutical grade safety evaluation of its products using acute and chronic long term toxicity studies. All products developed by Herbalyn have gone through rigorous safety assessments which in general, is not required or in practice for herbal/nutritional supplements.  

The team of Herbalyn has many years of experience in conducting cost-effective clinical trials in different part of the globe. The team has conducted dozens of clinical trials in past with 100% success rate. This includes clinical protocol layout and design, superior recruitment of patients, execution of trials with minimal drop out incidents, and proper analysis of statistical data along with publications in peer reviewed journals.

We think together we are bringing and setting a new standard bar for herbal and neutraceutical products that surpasses current existing scientific and safety validation of marketed products. With four pillars of Herbalyn (Patents, Science, Safety and Clinical) along with solid knowledge, experience and execution, we believe that we are in the path of launching next generation herbal/nutraceuticals products.

Meet Our Founders

About Us

Bishwajit Nag, Ph.D. (Biochemistry/ Drug Discovery), Founder and CEO

-Founder/ CEO NRL, Inc. (2008-present)
-Founder/ CEO, RENOVEL, Inc. (2011-2016)
-Founder/ CEO, BEXEL Pharma, Inc. (2002-2007)
-Founder/ CEO, BEXEL Biotech, Inc. (1996-2007)
-Founder/ CSO, CALYX, Inc. (1997-2000)
-Director/ R&D, ANERGEN, Inc. (1987-1995)
-Ph.D. Biochem with Burma/ Severo Ochoa, Nobel Laureate (1984)
       Inventor of over >100 US and International Patents
       Author of > 200 scientific abstracts and publications
       American Medal of Honor in 2001
       Cambridge International Scientist of the year in 2002
       United States National Leadership award in 2003
       American Biographical Institute Hall of Fame award in 2005
       George W. Bush Charter Presidential Award in 2007
       US Congressional Merit Award in 2008.

About Us

Richard A. Merriam, MBA 

-Founder, President, GCI Nutrients Inc. (1980-present)

-Founder, President, Greater Continents, Inc. (1970-present)

-Worked in largest natural food distributor within USA, Landstrom Distributors, a family company founded by Llyod Landstrom and George Merriam in 1931

-Worked at Humble Oil (Exxon Corporation), Houston Texas 1970

-MBA degree from Hass School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, 1968

-BS degree in business from University of Colorado, 1967